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Company Name: ROK Builders, LLC

Position: Director of Construction

Purpose: To set the direction and lead the ROK team in a manner that incorporates the ROK core  values to achieve superior results on each project for ROK, the hotel project and the hotel owners. Scope: Within the limits of corporate policies and approved budgets and in line with ROK Builders, LLC management philosophy, the Director of Construction has the responsibility and authority to meet or exceed the performance standard objectives of each key result area for new build and renovation projects.

Core Values:

  • We are a performance driven company that excels at meeting our objectives.
  • We deliver superior customer service and quality every day.
  • We operate with a sense of urgency and discipline.
  • We keep our word and do what is right.
  • We succeed through professional development and teamwork.
  • We recognize excellence and celebrate success.
  • We invest resources in the communities we serve.

Key Result Areas: The Company operates through a management process and the Key Result Areas (KRA’s) for the company are: NOI, First Class Condition, Guest Service, Asset Protection, Revenue Production, Employee Development, Annual Plan and Financial Reporting.

Reports to: Chief Operating Officer of Roedel Companies, LLC

Direct reports: Staff Accountant, Contract Administrator, Estimator and Project Managers

Working Relationship with: We are a company that works by process management, taking a process from the beginning to the end and the Director of Construction will work with the entities listed here. ROK team, Hotel Owners, Hotel General Managers, Architects, Design Consultants, Roedel Companies, RSJ Associates, RGH Hospitality and the Owner Project Manager.

Team Member of: ROK Bid to Contract, Contact to Completion and the ROK Operations team to provide the leadership and direction to plan, lead and coordinate all activities to complete all projects to meet or exceed all KRA performance standards related to time, cost and quality. Methods of Reporting: The Director of Construction will be required to produce a monthly Status Action Execution report (SAE) outlining the status, gaps and actions for all Key Result Areas and operational objectives.

The DOC’s specific responsibilities and authority by KRA are listed below:

Authority Level for below: Complete within ROK processes and project budgets



  • Review and concur with scope of work to be bid and executed
  •  To execute all jobs per the scope, schedule and budget included in the job contract
  • Oversee and develop the plan to complete the project per the accepted and agreed to proposal for time, cost and quality.
  • Identify the personnel needs of the overall contracted projects and hire the required personnel to meet those needs
  • Establish the Project Team that will execute each plan to completion
  • Hold weekly ROK project meetings for bid-to-contract and contract-to-completion
  • Visit site’s regularly to assess and improve performance
  •  Communicate with Owner/Client and or OPM regularly as needed
  • Communicate with Property Management as needed
  • Review and receive approval from OPM and or Owner for any changes to work scope, price and/or time
  • Oversee the management and completion of projects per the agreed upon time, cost and quality standards
  • All agreed to team meetings are held with an agenda and meeting minutes
  • All gaps and blocks determined with agreed to action plans with responsibilities agreed by each member with measurable performance standards
  • To monitor and keep the members and the team aware of all agreed to performance standards
  • To review the minutes of the team meetings and all project financial, project scheduling and purchasing reports as agreed to by the team and take action to close all gaps.
  • To be the “go to” person when critical issues need immediate attention as needed
  • To administrate the process and be aware of any and all gaps/blocks as they occur.
  • To assist with developing a bonus plan that drives the behavior required to exceed the performance standards
  • Receive financial reporting from the finance process to assess actual performance against operating standards for all jobs
  • To conduct monthly operating team meetings to assess individual NOI project performance, identify gaps and agree on action plans that need to be executed to meet the operating objectives.

KRA: Revenue Production

  • To generate leads for new business from current customers to maintain a constant work backlog
  • To work with the company Managing Director for Development to assist as needed in the sales process
  • To meet with the Managing Director of Development on a weekly basis to know the status of the sales process as it relates to planning for future jobs
  • To manage the Change Order process to ensure the company is capturing revenue for work that exceeds the contract scope
  • To agree the revenue targets in the annual plan meet the ROK plan objectives.
  • To support the sales process by providing estimates to secure business that ROK agrees fits its ROK business model.

KRA: Annual Plan

  • To establish the revenue and profit objectives for all projected projects.
  • To complete the plan in the company approved format and time frame
  • To establish the planning schedule to meet the financial process time requirements.
  • To deliver a highly reliable budget to the COO/operating team for approval per the business planning time schedule.

KRA: Asset Protection

  • To manage the insurance risk, local building code and OSHA requirements for each project and ROK as a whole to have zero code infractions
  • To manage project contracts per agreed to operating standards of ROK Builders.
  • To secure all vendor and subcontractor insurance certificates per the ROK company standards.

KRA: Guest Service

  • The Client/Owner has a positive experience completing their project and a job assessment is completed with the owner after each job
  • To meet or exceed the performance standards of the contracted work
  • To provide quick follow up to Client/Owner requests that exceeds their expectations.
  •  The Client/Owner is willing to recommend ROK to other Owners as well as future work for themselves

KRA: Employee Development

  • Ensure all personnel are trained and certified per ROK requirements and performing all established requirements related to exceeding customer expectations for their area of responsibility 100% of the time.
  • Conduct performance reviews with each direct report each year.
  • Maintain the organization chart as approved by the COO and only change job titles, job descriptions, job duties and compensation with approval.
  • Provide team members with the support they need to perform their jobs effectively through thorough training.
  • Provide your team with feedback as to their performance and coach them as needed because we succeed through professional development and teamwork
  • Provide nominees for Roedel Companies’ Core Values Award; at least one per award
  • Implement and train all ROK team members on the ROK Safety Program.
  • Train all ROK employees on the administration tasks required to do their job
  • Complete the on-boarding process for all new hires

KRA: Financial Reporting

  • As we are a performance driven company that excels at meeting our objectives; it is the Director of Construction’s responsibility to report on how each project is completed to ensure it is being completed within the project plan for time, cost and quality.
  • Responsible for reviewing an assessing the performance of ROK Builders with an action plan to close operating financial gaps each month


  • A four year degree in Building Construction Science, Business Management, Construction Management or an Engineering degree
  • Ideal candidate will have a minimum of 10 years of management experience with a commercial general contractor in a project management or senior level position
  • Experience with new hotel construction and renovations preferred
  • Demonstrated ability to manage overall company policies and multiple projects at one time
  • Demonstrated experience working with and leading successful teams
  • Travel required

Computer Skills:

Word, Excel, Outlook and Microsoft project

Certificates and Licenses:

No requirements at this time