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“Roedel Companies’ proactive, knowledgeable, and personable approach to Environmental Agency personnel demonstrates a Corporate commitment to the environment and capability to clearly articulate the business perspective.”

- Muriel Robinette, President, New England EnviroStrategies, Inc


Hotel Development and Acquisition Expertise

Hotel Market & Financial Feasibility Study
Roedel Companies is experienced in conducting market and financial feasibility studies for hotel developments. Our internal investment analysis provides information you need to know before moving forward with a project. This provides recommendations on the type of hotel that is the best fit for the marketplace while delivering a full investment evaluation of the project. Before you waste valuable time and money pursuing a deal, let us take a look.

Project and Investment Appraisal
Roedel Companies provides estimates of development costs and future earnings so that expected returns can be determined.

Hotel Design, Concept Development, Value Engineering
Reno bedroomRoedel Companies understands every step of the process when it comes to designing an efficient hotel that meets hotel brand standards and specifications.

Property Condition Assessment
Roedel Companies has the capability to assess the general physical condition and maintenance status of a hotel we might acquire, or on behalf of a third party owner/investor. Our property condition assessment provides recommendations for repairs and renovations as well as estimates regarding their cost.

Project Development Analysis
Roedel Companies conducts a Project Development Analysis, which serves to communicate the vision of a project to lenders, equity investors, and design professionals. It also details the specific jurisdictional protocols necessary for the development of a hotel and identifies potential issues that will need to be addressed.

Professional Team Procurement
interviewA crucial aspect of the success of every hotel development is compiling the right professional team to spearhead it. Roedel Companies has the contacts and experience needed to ensure that a top notch team of professionals is involved in our development project. We already have some of the best constructors, interior designers, FF&E and OS&E procurement specialists, project managers, and hotel management specialists in the industry in our employ. We can also identify the best architects, surveyors, and legal advisers.

Site Analysis & Review
Roedel Companies finds the ideal location for a new hotel. We research potential locations and prepare a detailed analysis of each, which includes an overview of the performance of comparable properties. Our analysis also includes traffic counts, access, visibility, proximity and travel time, nearby visitor attractions, nearby corporate and group demand generators, and access to convention and event facilities.

Hotel Brand Facilitation
Roedel Companies leverages our knowledge of hotel brands and corporate processes to attain approval of hotel designs.

Hotel Brand Selection Assistance
With our years of experience, Roedel Companies is able to identify the appropriate hotel brand for a specific site.