Leah Bellemore

As Marketing Manager for Roedel Companies, Leah Bellemore lends her vibrant personality and energy to supporting and overseeing marketing efforts for our growing portfolio of nationally branded and independent hotels, restaurants and conference centers. She ensures establishment within our target markets and plays a supporting role in local sales efforts.

As Roedel’s superhero, all of Leah’s efforts also support our corporate brand and vision.

As her family’s superhero, Leah has no need for a secret identity. She met her husband Tom on the first day of college and, knowing a good thing when she sees it, never let him go. They both understand that her passion for marketing runs deep. Leah refuses to fast forward commercials because she enjoys watching other experts define a brand through messaging, which still drives Tom crazy.

Her marketing skills come in handy at home, where two tiny daughters (dictators) rule. Leah makes her family brand look effortless, primarily through use of Instagram filters and superhuman negotiation skills.

Just like any other superhero, Leah also has a kryptonite. Her autobiography would be titled I Need This: Life of a Target Addict. Target has all of her work and home “needs” in one store, which is beyond a lifesaver for Leah’s busy schedule.

Marketing Manager
Superhero by Day… and Nighthttps://www.linkedin.com/in/leah-bellemore-22b02015/https://roedelcompanies.com/sites/default/files/professional-summaries/pro-bio-leah_0_1.pdf
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