Glenn A. Hardman

There are few people more familiar with the Roedel Companies story than Glenn Hardman. After all, he’s helped write a lot of it over a career that spans more than 30 years.

Glenn started with Chalet Susse right after graduating from the University of New Hampshire and worked his way up to vice president of hotel operations. When the Roedels sold off their interests in Chalet Susse and began Roedel Companies, and after a brief stint outside the company, Glenn returned to be an integral part of the new team.

Glenn is currently the President of RGH Hospitality. He is responsible for monitoring the profit and loss of Roedel Companies, as well as developing and executing annual business plans to maximize free cash flow and return on investment for owners and investors.

Glenn and his wife Melissa are the proud parents of two sons and one daughter, not to forget a dog and cat. He is also proud of his connection to UNH and serves as the chair of the UNH Hospitality Advisory Board and supports the UNH Foundation. In his spare time, Glenn jumps on a bike (the pedal kind) and goes for a ride.

With the busy lifestyle Glenn leads, he has developed an appreciation for leftovers. In fact, his favorite food is re-heated chop suey. Like a healthy business relationship, Glenn believes food can get better in time.

President, RGH Hospitality
Two Hats, a Wife, Three Kids and One Heck of a Career
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