Mindy Gierlich

Mindy Gierlich is an overachiever, so it’s no surprise that she is instrumental in making sure our properties are always at their best. As Revenue Manager, Mindy acts as the business development consultant for hotel managers and owners. She helps implement revenue management operations, procedures, best practices, as well as identifying new revenue opportunities.

Mindy worked her way up in the business world, starting out as a front office associate 17 years ago. Along the way, she earned degrees in Business Administration and Hospitality Management.

Mindy doesn’t spend all her time climbing the corporate ladder. She is a wife, the mother of two and has been a surrogate mother twice: once for twin girls in 2014 and again for a girl in 2016.

And, as a native New Englander who spent her time growing up in Massachusetts and Connecticut, she appreciates getting away to someplace sunny. Her favorite spot is the Cayman Islands.

Director of Sales and Revenue Management
Busy Mom and Sun Seeker who is Always at Her Best https://www.linkedin.com/in/mindygierlich/https://roedelcompanies.com/sites/default/files/professional-summaries/pro-bio-mindy_0.pdf
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